Urban Food

Thanks to everyone who came to our latest meeting at Scadding Court. Sorry it took so long to write an update about the happenings but it was definitely a very summery meeting outside the Trinity Bellwoods Greenhouse and we enjoyed some lovely lemonade and watermelon as we discussed our future plans at Scadding Court.

So far, we’re planning on helping out Scadding with a small landscape and functional design intervention. Scadding asked for some help re-designing a small corner of their community garden plot (in their annex garden in Alexandra Park) so that it will be more functional for sorting and cleaning vegetables that they grow which they donate to local foodbanks + kitchens.

After discussing some possible items that Scadding had requested, the participants at the meeting all got a chance to take a carte-blanche approach at designing a solution. Even though the site was limited, it certainly didn’t stop our members from using their creativity and knowledge about horticulture to bring together some great ideas. Based on these designs, we’ve come up with a final proposal that is broken down into two phases.

Phase 1: This phase addresses the most pressing needs of the site including a required work bench to sort and clean vegetables as well as a landscape solution that would ease access to the work bench. We’re proposing to cut down some existing wooden material that form the garden plot frame and reusing it to create a removable ramp that could be put in place so a wheel barrel could be rolled into the prep corner. Please see attached drawing for a better idea.